Technical details of my belt grinder

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Some of you can know me from Facebook as i was selling metal frame for my previous grinder. I got a lot of question then about complete one. It was impossible due to the weight. Now I am glad to present you a new version of my belt grinder, shipping-possible in almost any place in the world. For now it's only European version due to an electric engine, that suits European standard, but I am also working on American version suitable for your electric engine - should be ready in a month. I am offering you a COMPLETE pre-build KIT almost ready to use. There is everything you need to complete it including the electric engine.


A few technical details:

  • Belt dimension 50x2000 mm
  • Drive wheel 160 mm in diameter - which means speed around 24 m/s
  • 1,5 kW, 2880 RPM electric engine
  • Weight of the finished grinder - around 60 kg
  • The finished model in relation to this from the photos will have a larger tool rest.

If you are intrested in you can visit Gallery for more photos and text  me on Facebook or Gmail for more information